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Upgrade AMI Version

AWS releases new AMI versions for EKS node groups that include Kubernetes patches and security updates. To upgrade the node groups to use the new AMI version:

  • login to the AWS console
  • Select EKS and select the cluster
  • Select the node group and click on Update AMI version
  • Select the Update Strategy to “Force update” and click on “Update”

This will perform a rolling update of all the nodes in the node group. Follow the steps in Recycle all nodes section to recycle all the nodes.

Recycle all nodes

When a node group version changes, this will cause all of the nodes to recycle. When AWS recycles the nodes, it will not evict pods if it will break the PDB. This will cause the node to stall the update and the nodes will not continue to recycle.

To rectify this, run the script mentioned in Recycle-all-nodes- Gotchas section.

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