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Create a Pingdom integration id

The intention of this document is to provide brief instructions on how to create an integration id in Pingdom. For more information on integration id’s, please refer to the Pingdom documentation

Completing the following steps are necessary to support Cloud Platform user requests as detailed here

How to create integration id (webhook)

This cannot be managed by Terraform and will need to be created manually. To continue any further it is assumed you have the following:

To create the webhook, perform the following:

  • Sign into the mojds Slack Pingdom app
  • Create a new configuration:
  1. Select the target slack channel
  2. Click ‘Add Pingdom Integration’
  3. Locate the newly generated Webhook URL, and copy to clipboard. This will look similar to
  • Sign into Pingdom
  • Go to Settings cog in side menu > Integrations > Add integration
  • Fill in a suitable name for the integration, and paste the generated webhook from previous step
  • Save integration

Now it’s a simple case of finding the integrationid, which can be found by clicking your newly created integration and making a note of the integration= in the URL.


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