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Terraform state lock - Error refreshing state

Error refreshing state: state data in S3 does not have the expected content.

You may see this error if someone worked on terraform state without using the locking mechanism, i.e. they didn’t pass this command-line argument during terraform init:

-backend-config="dynamodb_table=${PIPELINE_TERRAFORM_STATE_LOCK_TABLE}" \

In this case, the content of the terraform state file will not match the md5 hash recorded in the corresponding DynamoDB record.

The full error will look something like this:

Error refreshing state: state data in S3 does not have the expected content.

This may be caused by unusually long delays in S3 processing a previous state update. Please wait for a minute or two and try again. If this problem persists, and neither S3 nor DynamoDB are experiencing an outage, you may need to manually verify the remote state and update the Digest value stored in the DynamoDB table to the following value: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Following the instructions above will enable you to proceed. You can also simply delete the dynamodb record for this terraform state file, which will have the same effect.

There seems to be a bug in the AWS console web interface for DynamoDB, and it sometimes happens that the record you want doesn’t appear in the alphabetical list of records. If this happens, use the query function to search for the records LockID value, and you will find it.

The value for an environment terraform state file will be:

cloud-platform-terraform-state/cloud-platform-environments/[NAMESPACE NAME]/terraform.tfstate-md5

To query the table:

  • Change Scan to Query in the upper-left dropdown
  • Paste the LockID string value in the text box
  • Click Start search

dynamodb query

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