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Onboarding into the Cloud Platform Team

People Team

  • Collect candidate on first day
  • MOJ induction and tour
  • SOP - (civil servant)
  • Fieldglass - (contractor)

Service Desk

  • Supply IT kit
  • Lockers
  • Google Account
  • Relevant mailing-list

Sit down with DM

  • Introduce new starter to team
  • How our teams works (meetings, board, calendar)
  • Working agreements
  • Who we are
  • Roles in team
  • How does the team work internally - org chart
  • Invite to slack channel(s): #cloud-platform and others mentioned in operational processes as appropriate
  • Invite to mail group
  • Invite to calendar
  • Timesheets

Cloud Platform team

  • What our team does (boundaries with our work and what service teams do)
  • What Services do we look after and relationship with service teams
  • High level Architecture
  • What we are working on
  • Share Hosting strategy for the department (where we are trying to get to)
  • Deep dive


  • Access to AWS accounts this includes MOJ DSD
  • Protect against accidentally pushing secrets to GitHub, using git-secrets
brew install git-secrets
git secrets --install ~/.git-templates/git-secrets
git config --global init.templateDir ~/.git-templates/git-secrets
  • Github access - (to be done by new starter)
    • Explain github for RBAC
  • Invite as an admin on justice-cloud-platform - Auth0
    • (Switch to ‘justice-cloud-platform tenant, then use the drop-down and select “Invite an admin”)
  • New starter github user to be added to MOJ github organisation and WebOps team
  • Add to MoJ 1Password
  • Authenticate to live cluster
  • Create and destroy test cluster
  • Access to pagerduty
  • Create GPG key
  • Add GPG and SSH keys to github user account (if not already there)
  • Add GPG key to git-crypt repositories
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