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Google Search Console and Indexing

This document describes how to remove subdomains of and from google search results using Google Search Console.

By default, all domains are crawled by google unless the domain has taken one of the measures mentioned in Block Search indexing to block the urls from indexing and not appear in google search results.

If any of the subdomains were mistakenly added by Google Crawler, follow the below steps to remove the indexing which will in turn not appear in google search results.

Cloud Platform maintain a Google Search Console account using the email id (The details are in 1Password)

Once logged in to the account, click on the console page and click on Removals

This will list all the current urls that are temporarily removed from indexing.

Click on "NEW REQUEST" and fill in the url that needs to be unindexed and submit the request. In few minutes, check the status for "Temporarily removed".

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