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Analyze VPC Flow Logs

Cloud Platform live-1 VPC is connected to various MoJ AWS accounts VPCs using Transit Gateway. In order to debug network connectivity issues that are coming to/from Cloud Platform VPC, the VPC flow logs are enabled. These logs are stored in an S3 bucket and can be analyzed using Athena when needed.

The steps involve a pointy-clicky exercise to generate Athena integration by creating a CloudFormation stack using a template and use that as a datasource in Athena. Follow the steps as mentioned in the blog: AWS blog - Analyze VPC Flow Logs with point-and-click Amazon Athena integration.

Things to note: - When creating a CloudFormation template, use the Partition: Daily option. This will create a partition for each day and will make it easier to query the logs for a specific day. - Provide Partition start date and end date closer when the issue was observed. The duration is limited to 20 days - Create two s3 buckets: one for CloudFormation template and another to store the Athena query results which you will provide when creating the CloudFormation stack. - When the flow logs are downloaded and the user has investigated the issue, delete the created s3 buckets for CloudFormation template and Athena query results and the CloudFormation stack.

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