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Add a new runbook

To add a new runbook, you will create a file in the runbooks/source directory of the cloud-platform repository.

  • git pull to get the latest changes
  • Create a feature branch for your new runbook
  • cd runbooks
  • Run make preview to start a development webserver to view your changes
  • Add your runbook as a new file in the [source] directory

  • Your filename must match *

  • Your file must have a header section like this

title: Add a new runbook
weight: 9999
last_reviewed_on: 2020-04-21
review_in: 6 months
  • The weight value controls ordering in the table of contents
  • Use position * 100 to leave enough room for new runbooks to be inserted without reordering
  • Do not put leading zeroes on the weight value, they won’t work

  • Your content must start with a markdown heading one line, e.g.

# Add a new runbook

You can also use this to use the title as the heading

# Add a new runbook

6. Push your feature branch and raise a PR

7. Merge your PR and delete your feature branch

A GitHub action will compile and deploy a new version of the runbooks guide, with your changes.

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