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Add nodes to the AWS EKS cluster

This runbook covers how to increase the number of nodes in an eks cluster

This can address the problem of CPU high usage/load


1. Ensure you have access to the Cloud Platform AWS account

2. Access to the EKS cluster

Access to the EKS cluster

Cluster configuration:


git crypt unlock to see the following code:

node_groups_count = {
  live    = "64"
  live-2  = "7"
  manager = "4"
  default = "3"
# Default node group minimum capacity
default_ng_min_count = {
  live    = "45"
  live-2  = "2"
  manager = "4"
  default = "2"

AWS dashboard EKS - Edit Node Group

Group size
Minimum size
Set the minimum number of nodes that the group can scale in to.
Maximum size
Set the maximum number of nodes that the group can scale out to.
Desired size
Set the desired number of nodes that the group should launch with initially.

Modifying the node_groups_count in terraform will not update the desired size of the EKS cluster nor increase the actual node count. Its a design decision the module has taken. Refer issue #835.

To increase/decrease the desired node group count, we need to use the AWS dashboard. Login to the AWS dashboard and navigate to EKS -> Select Cluster -> Select Compute tab Choose the Node Group you want to edit and Click Edit. Change the desired size and click Save Changes.

Watch the number of nodes using kubectl get nodes. You should see the new nodes getting created to match the desired size.

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