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Add Concourse to a test cluster


  • A test cluster. For this guide, we’ll assume it’s called david-test1
  • You must have fly installed


  • Go through the installation procedure in the file of the concourse repo
  • Create a branch of the concourse repo
  • Create a directory for your pipelines
mkdir -p pipelines/david-test1/main
  • Copy an existing pipeline


cp pipelines/manager/main/reporting.yaml pipelines/david-test1/main/
  • Edit the pipeline yaml file as required (you probably want to remove everything relating to Pingdom)

  • Login via fly

fly --target david-test1 login \
    --team-name main \
  • Apply your pipeline
fly --target david-test1 set-pipeline \
    --pipeline plan-pipeline \
    --config pipelines/david-test1/main/plan-environments.yaml

Repeat this command whenever you make changes to the pipeline yaml file.

  • Set up secrets

If your pipeline requires secrets, such as AWS credentials, you need to define those as kubernetes secrets in the concourse-main namespace (or concourse-<team name> if you’re using a different concourse team, rather than main)

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