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Change Process in Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform team implements and encourage an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology to manage the platform. It means every single change is done through code (if you spot something different raise it with us please).

cloud-platform-infrastructure repository is our main repository where infrastructure gets created and all components fit together. From this repository everything gets linked.

Mostly all components are Terraform modules, and they are managed in their own git repository; you can list all modules here.

Making Changes to cloud-plarform-infrastructure

  1. Create a PR which includes the change you want to make. Make sure the plan pipeline is happy with the change.
  2. Chase the team to get your PR approved, and if it involves downtime ensure you have communications in place.
  3. Merge and wait until the apply pipeline applies your change.

Making Changes to Terraform modules

Updating a module is very simple and consist in the following steps:

  1. Create a PR and ask a team member for approval.
  2. Merge PR
  3. Create a release following semantic version spec.
  4. In order to keep our definitions/instances up to date, update all existing instances in environments repo and cloud-platform-infrastructure repo. If this step affects team’s environments it will need planning and communication.

Steps 2 and 3 can be done at any time and they don’t affect the running infrastructure, since all Terraform modules calls have a pinned release version. No Terraform module should point to master branches or latest releases automatically.

Finally, create the PR which updates the definition where your module is called and get ready to apply it following the guidelines above.

Making Changes to Helm Charts

Cloud Platform’s Helm Charts are hosted in cloud-platform-helm-charts repository using Github Pages. Changes in Helm Charts should include:

  • Bump chart version everytime you make a change
  • Regenerate the index.yml following this instructions
  • PR against gh-pages branch

Making changes to environments (Service Teams)

The Cloud Platform source of truth for team’s environments (Kubernetes namespaces) is cloud-platform-environments. Changes under this repository follow a similar process:

  1. Create a PR and verify the planned changes in the plan pipeline. If you are happy with them, ask a team member for approval.
  2. Merge PR

Within the environments repository, we have an end to end process fully automated with pipelines. Once the change is merged, it is going to be automatically applied by the apply pipeline (apply-live and apply-namespace-changes-live and if the change is destroying a namespace it will be detected by detect-deleted-namespace pipeline.


If any changes involve downtime we must inform teams about it via Slack (#cloud-platform-update). It is important to include which services are going to be down and for how long.

Sometimes teams misinterpret downtimes of Cloud Platform services to involve downtime of their services, so it is very important to be precise about the change and it’s potential impact.

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