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Add a custom domain

When a user is trying to set up a custom domain, as per this user guide article, they will create a new hosted zone in the cloud-platform AWS account.

If this is a new sub-domain of, these steps are required:

  • Wait for the new hosted zone to be created by the pipeline, once the user’s PR to define it has been merged
  • Find the hosted zone record in the Route53 section of the AWS console of the cloud-platform account, and copy the nameserver details from the NS record. Create a temporary copy of these values (on the clipboard or a text file)
  • Switch to the mojdsd AWS account console, and find the hosted zone for in the Route53 section
  • Use the “Create Record Set” button:
    • Name: The new sub-domain
    • Type: NS - Name server
    • TTL: 300
    • Value: The nameserver details you copied from the cloud-platform AWS account hosted zone
    • Routing Policy: Simple
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