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Delete a cluster

To delete a cluster you must first export the following:

$ export AWS_PROFILE=moj-cp

Start from the root directory of a working copy of the infrastructure repo.

Delete the cluster using the script

There is a destroy-cluster.rb script which you can use to delete your cluster.

Read the script before using it. Deleting a cluster is something you should be very cautious about, and ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.

The script is entirely non-interactive, and will not prompt you to confirm anything. It just destroys things.

First, run make tools-shell

The delete cluster script must always be run in a container. This ensures that the environment of the script is fully controlled, and you don’t run into problems such as the kubernetes context being changed in another window, or extra environment variables causing unwanted effects.

Then invoke the script like this:

./destroy-cluster.rb --name [short cluster name] --yes

Run without --yes to do a dry run, and see what commands would be executed.

You can get more information using:

./destroy-cluster.rb --help

If any steps fail:

  • Fix the underlying problem
  • Edit the script to comment out any sections of the function which you no longer need to run
  • Re-run the script

Delete the cluster using concourse fly commands

In case you prefer concourse pipeline to destroy the cluster, these are the steps to follow, to delete the cluster using “concourse fly commands”

First, cd to the working copy of the concourse pipelines repo. Make the below two changes to the eks-create-test-destroy.yaml file.

  • In the create-test-destroy pipeline definition, literally add CLUSTER_NAME var, under params as below:

We will specify the CLUSTER_NAME value using -v NAME=VALUE in the later step, when we run the fly command to set_pipeline.

  • Comment out this line here in destroy-cluster job.
    # export $(cat keyval/ | grep CLUSTER_NAME )

commenting out this will not set the CLUSTER_NAME provided by the create-cluster-run-tests job.

Run the below commands updating the <cluster-name-to-be-deleted>. The first fly command will apply the changes made for the eks-create-test-destroy.yaml file and set the CLUSTER_NAME static var, the second command will trigger the destroy-cluster job using the CLUSTER_NAME provided.

fly -t manager sp -p eks-create-test-destroy -c eks-create-test-destroy.yaml -v CLUSTER_NAME=<cluster-name-to-be-deleted>
fly -t manager trigger-job -j eks-create-test-destroy/destroy-cluster

Note: After the destroy-cluster job has completed sucessfully, run the bootstrap pipeline to discard the changes made to eks-create-test-destroy.yaml file.

fly -t manager trigger-job -j bootstrap/bootstrap-pipelines

Delete an EKS cluster manually

The steps can be found here - Delete an EKS Cluster

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