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Managing Multiple Kops Clusters


Currently all information related to handling multiple clusters in terms of requirements and possible solutions, can be found in this ticket:

Multi-cluster Stage 1 - Make test cluster more realistic

Explore how to manage terraform state on a multi-cluster platform

Components installed only in live-1 cluster

Below is the list of components and how to enable them in test clusters for testing if required

  • Ingress Controllers

    For live-1, External DNS annotation include domains from var.live_domain with default value *

    Variable to enable: is_live_cluster to true

  • Kuberos

    Provision the aws-redirect ingress. Required only once and hence applied in live-1

    Variable to enable: create_aws_redirect to true

  • Logging

    Fluent-bit connects to the cloud-platform-live and cloud-platform-audit elasticsearch cluster to send output logs. For test cluster, there is a placeholder instead.

    There is also a curator cron job which runs every hour to delete incices older than 30 days of cloud-platform-live elasticsearch cluster

    To link a test elasticsearch cluster to the fluent-bit, set the test elasticsearch cluster endpoints to variables below.

    • for container logs elasticsearch_host
    • for audit logs elasticsearch_audit_host
    • To enable curator cron job - enable_curator_cronjob
  • Monitoring

    Thanos sidecar component is deployed with a prometheus instance only for live-1 and manager cluster.

    Variable to enable: enable_thanos_sidecar to true

    In live-1 cluster, thanos helm chart is installed which deploy thanos querier, store gateway, bucket Web UI and query frontend.

    Variable to enable: enable_thanos_helm_chart to true

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