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Calico checklist before an upgrade

EKS supports multiple types of networking, with no clear best option and changing documentation; this pages intends to describe its current status and possible caveats as we go through Kubernetes version upgrades.

Current status

  • Networking option selected is “Calico + Amazon VPC networking”, as described in
  • Underlying connectivity and routing is managed by the VPC CNI add-on (docs at The add-on is not manageable or even visible to our users.
  • Calico is deployed using the AWS vendored chart from This chart has been marked as deprecated and must be considered for replacement before March 2023.
  • Current chart as it is deployed from should be fine to use for EKS 1.22; further investigation most likely needed before 1.23 upgrade. New chart uses the Tigera Operator ( and looks quite different from the current one, not a drop-in replacement.
  • Users have visibility of NetworkPolicies implemented by Calico and it is a very important safeguard to isolate services from other namespaces. Disabling them for a replacement even temporarily might not be acceptable.

Options available

  • Calico uses iptables on the nodes to implement NetworkPolicies. If the chart is uninstalled, all rules remain in place as iptables rules, they just aren’t editable anymore. This can create a path to a replacement upgrade, as long as the new release (or different product) can read correctly the existing rules so connectivity is not affected.
  • Tigera Operator should be a supported upgrade path, needs testing.
  • EKS networking can change significantly, we need to re-check before making any decision.
  • AWS has a “Calico add-on” in the works (, but with no release date promised. If it works it would replace Calico entirely. Our TA might be able to get a release date estimate.
  • Opposite of the above option, Calico can manage all the networking of the cluster (the way we were using it in kOps), this removes the VPC CNI add-on entirely. With this option, we lose some performance, support for Fargate, we might confuse AWS tech support but we gain more platform independence.
  • More far-fetched: other solutions take over completely the management of networking, including across clusters or clouds (think Anthos or Rancher).

Making sure it works

  • CRDs are tested in; this list will need to be updated as there’s a dozen more in newer releases
  • NetworkPolicies (blocking access across namespaces) are not tested, needs adding.
  • The GlobalNetworkPolicy that blocks access to the AWS API ( is not tested, needs adding.
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